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Whitley Strieber

How we arrived at our title for the show
I can’t thank Whitley enough for his involvement and support of our production. Whitley and I have been friends for years and we both share this experience along with countless others.

His knowledge, passion and love for this subject matter contributes enormously to the credibility of our production.
One thing you may not know about is the struggle Mary and I had to come up with a good title for the show. Everything we came up with had been used before or just taken.
Whitley invited us both to speaking event he attended at in Malibu at Leigh McCloskey’s home. He spoke about the Visitor experience and at one point he brought up the fact that we do not know who the visitors are and that we never conclude that they are aliens in space ships from another world.
He paused and then said,”But Something is there”. Mary and I both looked at each other in amazement because we just got our title for the show.
It’s fitting that Whitley unknowingly named the production and we could never have a more appropriate  title.
Thank you Whitley!

Whitley on set

This is a frame grab from the edit. This was part of Whitley's intro at the beginning of the pilot. Here he's on the set we built for the 7 year old boy that night of is first experience. The set is made to resemble my bedroom in my home where I grew up in San Francisco in the 50's.