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This is not your not your Father's Close Encounters
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A new dramatic series currently in post production. It is based on one man's experience with unknown intelligence's.

But Somethings is There is hosted by Whitely Strieber and produced by SNG Studio.

We have finished a 54 minute pilot episode​​. And we are about to start 5 more episodes based on events in Steve's life with this experience. The next episode is called the "Dreamtime" and deals with the little known knowledge that experiencers with this phenomenom have interaction with the other side and the realm of the dead.
This is not a crowd funded project and we are self financed. Most of our crew are seasoned veterans of the motion picture industry and have given their time on weekends as we slowly shot this one hour pilot.

The story covers Steve Neill's life long experiences from a child until present day with an unknown intelligent presents.. This is about how this experience can shape a person's life and send them on a journey of self discovery and deep connection with the cosmos.

In this series it is never claimed that these are beings from another world or planet but rather an honest accounting of the experience itself.

Never before has a series or film approached this subject matter in this way. All the encounters are presented as they actually occurred and not flavored by Hollywood conjecture or fantasy. This is how it really happens. This is not your father's close encounters.